“Justice delayed is justice denied” quoted by William Goldstone.

This quote adequately represents the reality of denying ourselves our best lives.

Although it is not the best of situations that require legal guidance and nobody wants to see themselves facing legal action – when it comes to divorce, child custody, family disputes or property settlements, having experienced and communicative legal counseling can be absolutely critical.

You need a solicitation agency, which can provide lawyers who focus on one specific area or multiple lawyers to cover the most important areas that may require legal counsel.

Following are the segments where our team of the Best Lawyers in Sydney can help you: Litigation, Family Law, Divorce, Commercial Law & Dispute Resolution,


Dispute resolution through the formal Court process is known as Litigation. Pryor Tzannes & Wallis is efficient, effective and has the necessary trial experience.

Our areas of expertise in Litigation Law include: Administrative & Public, Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution, Employment & Industrial Relations, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law, Professional Negligence, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Product Liability, Personal Injury, Energy, Mining & Infrastructure, Land & Environment Court Litigation, Building & Construction Disputes, Competition & Trade Practices, Sports Etc

Family Lawyers Sydney

Family disputes are emotionally draining and fully invested with both or all involved parties.

PT&W Law Experienced and Competent Lawyers of South Sydney can judge the emotional involvement and stress level of family. With proper guidance explosive mixture of emotions and facts can cool down. Our team of Best Lawyers in Sydney ensures that family proceedings are handled behind the curtains. We avoid any ugly legal affair between the families.

In many situations, our team keeps the family uninvolved and wisely argues the points of the parties in order to keep the situation from getting out of control. How to handle legal proceedings or behind the curtain conversations, delivering satisfying results is the goal of Lawyers in Sydney Australia. Goals are often achieved that all parties who involved are happy with the justice. Relationship of the family members outside of their legal battles are saved with committed solicitation.

Divorce :

A simple explanation of divorce is a separation between the relationship of two married persons.

But in reality, it is usually not as easy as the meaning of the word. Splitting of ownership of real estate, child custody, valuable items or vehicles, creates drama, which is expected. PT&W Law handles the dramas of these situations in a positive way. When it comes to child custody, the situation may get even worse as this is also a part of the discussion.

Ugly battles for custody have happened in the past and definitely will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Amicable settlement in relation to custody of kids is a key competence for our team of lawyers.

Choosing a competent lawyer to provide support, relaxation and counsel can work wonders for the child’s benefit.

Commercial Law

Business, Mergers, Ventures and Property matters are sometimes the backbone of disputes. A person must either thoroughly know the responsibilities and legal rights or hire PT&W Law. Legal practitioners are qualified and experienced to ensure your protection by providing the right advice.

Any Commercial Law related issues could be well sorted by Pryor Tzannes & Wallis Law by providing timely advice to ensure your commercial goals are realized.

Our Commercial Law services include: Corporate, Franchising & Licensing, IT, Property & Leasing, Contract, Property, Wills, Strata Title, Company Title, Intellectual Property, Real Property, Wills & Probate, Retirement Village, Old System Title, Grants of Easements and Covenants Affecting Property, Residential and Commercial Conveyance, Off-the-Plan Purchases, Elder Law, Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, Trusts

Dispute Resolution

Settling disputes by alternative processes other than Litigation refers to Dispute Resolution. Disputes are resolved amicably by sitting in a relaxed room where everyone can share their views. This process is less costly and more expeditious. If the dispute is not resolved, then our team of lawyers is capable of bringing dispute to court.

Our areas of expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution are Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Conciliation.

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