Force majeure: act of God or foreseeable event?

Due to climate change and COVID-19, a boilerplate clause in many contractual agreements is suddenly more important than ever to Australian business owners. Find out how the concept of force majeure affects you and what SMEs can do to minimize commercial risks from unprecedented events.

Contracting for business resilience

While few predicted the business conditions we experienced in 2020, we have seen that organisations that can build flexibility into their business models are better placed to weather ongoing uncertainty. At Pryor Tzannes & Wallis we have been advising clients on business continuity planning and building greater resilience into their business arrangements this year.

Who Inherits the Kids?

If a couple passes away before their children have turned 18, then those children will need a legal guardian. The legal guardian will take over parental responsibility, including the day to day care and duties of a parent. How to Appoint a Legal Guardian A Will can...

Tightening Taxes for Testamentary Trusts

New laws regarding taxation of testamentary trusts were assented on 22 June 2020. The Before Snapshot Prior to the introduction of the new laws, all income of a testamentary trust was “excepted trust income”. The strong advantage of this characterisation was that even...

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